Best Ice Hockey Skates

Best ice hockey skates

American Athletic Shoe Senior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skates

American Athletic Best ice hockey skates

This soft boot hockey skate is great for skating around with the kids while staying warm and comfortable. The skate features cool styling, thick foam padding for warmth and comfort, lace loops for quick lacing, Velcro strap for added support, multi layered boot construction to ensure ankle stability, a pull-on heel tab and a carbon steel runner.

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TOUR Best ice hockey skates

The Tour® Hockey FB-225 senior ice hockey skates are crafted with a reinforced ankle stabilizer for unbeatable support, while deluxe EVA comfort padding with a quick-dry lining keeps you feeling confident on the ice. A carbon steel, edge-hardened blade completes the package.

TOUR HOCKEY, available at Amazon

Riedell 18 Sparkle

Riedell Best ice hockey skates

Beginner and pleasure skaters will appreciate the soft boot comfort and support in this attractive restyled skate. The Riedell 18 Sparkle Jr. skate set, the junior version of the 118 Sparkle, has an updated look, stronger hooks and slightly more support than the original Sparkle’s light support rating. Man-made uppers with extra comfort padded linings cushion feet and a split tongue design provides stability on the ice. A maintenance free PVC sole keeps feet dry while a stainless steel blade gives skaters a smooth edge. The 18 Sparkle Jr. is perfect for a beginner or pleasure skater.

Riedell, available at Amazon

Bauer Supreme S140 Senior Hockey Skate

Bauer Best ice hockey skates

the s140 features a classic fit that is accommodating to a wide variety of foot types, providing out of the box comfort. Although this is the only non-heat moldable skate in the supreme line, the forgiving feel of the s140 is easy on new skaters, and requires little break in time while still providing good heel and ankle support.

Bauer, available at Amazon

CCM Jetspeed FT360 Ice Hockey Skates

CCM Best ice hockey skates

Featuring the top-of-the-line Speedblade 4.0 holder to maximize energy transfer and stiffness, the CCM Senior Jet Speed FT360 Ice Hockey Skates deliver a number of premium performance and protection features to keep you at the top of your game.

CCM, available at Amazon