Smoking Cessation Products to Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking Cessation Products

NicoDerm CQ

NicoDerm CQ  Smoking Cessation Products, available at Amazon

NicoDerm CQ is a small nicotine patch that sticks directly onto the skin. When applied, it allows nicotine to pass through the skin and into the blood, delivering a steady stream of therapeutic nicotine that helps reduce cravings from quitting smoking. Because it features Extended Release SmartControl Technology, NicoDerm CQ ensures that nicotine won’t be delivered all at once, or run out too soon. For immediate nicotine release that helps you fight the urge to smoke all day long, NicoDerm CQ is a great stop smoking aid for your quit journey.


Habitrol Smoking Cessation Products, available at Amazon

Novartis Nicotine Transdermal System Stop Smoking Aid Patches

Novartis nicotine transdermal system stop smoking aid patch, Step 1 used to functioning with a certain level of nicotine

This reduces the withdrawal symptoms that many people normally feel when they quit smoking

The psychological aspects of quitting and to change your habits that trigger your nicotine cravings.

Nicorette Nicotine Gum

Nicorette Nicotine Gum, Smoking Cessation Products, available at Amazon

Nicorette Nicotine Gum offers patented dual-coated technology for great taste, plus intense craving relief associated with quitting smoking. This stop smoking aid is specially formulated with nicotine to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and can help you quit your smoking habit. Nicotine gum is a form of nicotine replacement therapy that is effective for craving relief without needing a prescription. Nicotine gum is the ideal quit smoking aid for smokers who: Want a portable method of nicotine replacement therapy, Want to control their nicotine intake, Enjoy the option to use an extra piece of nicotine gum within the hour for strong or frequent cigarette cravings, Prefer to give their mouth the relief of chewing.

TBX-FREE Stop Smoking Oral Strip Aid

TBX-FREE Stop Smoking Oral Strip Aid Smoking Cessation Products, available at Amazon

Redwood Scientific Technologies is bringing to you TBX-FREE; the breakthrough stop smoking aid that is allowing people that have been addicted to smoking for years to finally quit and never look back. TBX-FREE does not cause any side effects such as weight gain or withdrawal symptoms. Cytisine, TBX-FREE’s key ingredient, has been proven to be effective in numerous clinical studies at world renowned universities. The School of Health and Related Research (SCHARR) at the University of Sheffield found that cytisine was effective in a review of 10,610 participants from 21 clinical trials. In fact, cytisine was both more effective and cost efficient for the treatment of nicotine addiction with an 88% success rate when given in proper dosages. Unlike nicotine gum or patches, our stop smoking aid doesn’t contain addicting chemicals or carcinogens which normally prolongs addiction with reduces amounts; TBX-Free is nicotine free and FDA registered for maximum safety and effectiveness. Our stop smoking aid is an oral strip solution that dissolves in 25 seconds and will quickly take the edge away before you break down and have cigarette, they are small and discreet so take them anywhere and take anytime you have an urge and quite smoking now. So stop smoking now with the TBX-Free stop smoking oral strip aid; we are so confident that we have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee: contact Redwood Scientific to mail your product back for a full refund.